Hi, I'm Quianna!!

Quianna Marie, or the Recycle Enthusiartist, is a mixed media artist using her work in an effort to save the planet. Quianna has always had a passion for the Earth, and knows that the only way to save it is to persuade viewers to join her in changing their habits, so that we reuse more and waste less. Quianna designs sustainable interiors and creates colorful fine art pieces that combine collage, abstraction, and trash to spread awareness about single-use waste. Her work has been featured in Blick’s 2018 magazine, and she’s been in two solo artist shows in her hometown of Laurel, Maryland. Quianna currently attends Columbus College of Art & Design as a junior in Interior Design, with a minor in Business. Quianna wants to continue provoking thoughts by becoming a sustainable interior designer by the time she graduates in 2022.

Muppets House
Jaelyn Print
Beetles Print
Worn Out
Modern Traditional Reno
Sokola Bakery
Emotion Moodboard
Juicy! Pattern
Shilah's Room Redesign
Isaiah's Room Redesign
Jaelyn's Room Redesign
Scandinavian Lantern
Wellness Chalk Drawing
Character Traits
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